Liberal Angst, or the Hypocrisy of the American Liberal

As some of you know, I generally listen to my news on NPR.  NPR does have a strong liberal slant to their commentary, but does usually manage to cover most or all of the relevant facts in their news stories.  In addition, it is much less obnoxious to listen to than more commercial radio.  However, on occasion NPR comes out with a commentary that is so blindly liberal that it is comical.  And typically they take themselves so seriously that do not even see the hilarity (or more often, the staggering hypocrisy) in their own comments.

Why do I bring this up?  Well, it is in response to comments in the blog of the NPR ombudsman. Edward Schumacher-Matos.  Evidently an NPR reporter interviewed Republican Elliot Abrams, who referred to Chuck Hagel as being anti-Semitic.   The ombudsman, in his blog,, spent several hundred words agonizing over whether or not NPR should have broadcast this oft-repeated accusation against Hagel.  This is the Chuck Hagel who is President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense.   Obama has often been accused of being anti-Israel because of his treatment of the Israeli prime minister.  Also, Hagel himself has several times been caught making statements that appear to be anti-Semitic.  So this accusation from Abrams was neither new, nor should it have been unexpected.  Yet Schumacher-Matos saw fit to compare this ant-Semitic claim to the Obama ‘Birther’ nuts, whose evidence is non-existent and no one takes seriously.

Even so, Schumacher-Matos thought it necessary to spend several hundred words to justify allowing Abrams to be quoted making this old and oft-repeated claim about Hagel.

Rarely have I seen a better example of Christ’s statement in Matthew 7:5 (NIV) “first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”  During the course of the most recent presidential election, NPR reporters gave air time to politicians, activists, and lobbyists that called Republicans everything from Nazis to Homophobes to Racists, with nary a protest from the ombudsman or the many liberal supporters of NPR.  Nor did any of the major networks bother to protest (they were too busy cheerleading the charges, and airing their own charges).  During the election prior to this, any opposition to Obama was subject to thinly veiled accusations of racism, while the female candidates, Palin and Clinton, were subjected to ongoing sexist attacks by all news networks with the exception of NPR (but NPR never once protested this blatant sexism).    Most recently, Republicans were subject to charges of Racism because they objected to being misled by Donna Rice, and NPR uttered not a single word of protest. If anything, NPR appeared to support the claim of racism, ignoring the fact that Condoleeza Rice is a Republican.

Yet let a single well known Jewish Conservative accuse a Democrat nominee of any unsavory belief, even with substantial support, and the entire American left is up in arms, and the network allowing the charge to be aired feels compelled to justify itself on the grounds of ‘free speech’.

The hypocrisy of the American liberal has been commented on endlessly by conservatives, and the liberals endlessly deny the charges.  The American liberal never ceases to amaze me in its truly epic blindness, and complete inability to question their own beliefs.  No doubt they still do not see themselves in this commentary.  All I can say is the comments from the NPR ombudsman are so truly epic in their hypocrisy I felt compelled to comment.  The Ombudsman’s comments truly confirm every conservative observation of the absolute self-righteousness of the liberal community in the United States.  Schumacher-Matos’ liberal angst over the comments by Abrams show how he, and by extension the liberal community in the US, has no understanding of how the press in the United States treat their favorites, and those they dislike.  And there can be no doubt the press in the US favors the liberal.